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anime, baking, batman, ben browder, books, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, cherries, comic books, david tennant, doctor who, drawing, fairy tales, farscape, peaches, pie, reading, stargate sg-1, strawberries, the far side, various web comics, video games, watermelon.
I like comic books. I like manga. I like anime. I like video games, mainly RPGs. I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon, Batman, Farscape, Doctor Who, Stargate, and a nearly everything fantasy and science fiction.
I also adore many webcomics, such as Dominic Deegan, The Phoenix Requiem, Ctrl-Alt-Del, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, Dresden Codak, Dr. McNinja, Real Life, Penny Arcade, Comedity, Applegeeks, etc...
I'm pretty friendly, but quite wary of people, so you've got to share some of those interests up there.
Oh yeah, I'm also a medical student in the Caribbean. Just so you know.