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Not much to say.

Maybe I'll do an actual post tomorrow, but lately I'm just lazy.


Basically you just see how many of the Original 151 Pokemon you can remember.
I remembered 137 on the first run, 146 on the second run.
Take care all.

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Some Jerk took "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" BUT  I HAVE THE FIRST BOOK SO NYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Twilight- Preface and Chapter One.

I know everyone and their mothers online are doing this, but I'm rather determined to read this book and finish it without ruining my little brother's hearing by yelling about how awful it is.
You don't have to read these bits and they won't be everyday or anything.
Sorry if you like Twilight- I'll probably shred it. But in a nice, polite way. Mostly.

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I just realized that I don't have a happy icon. Funny, that.


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There's a thing in my ear.

I'm not sure why it's there, but there's a definite swelling in my ear. Not in the ear canal, but on the outside.
I'm just wondering how it got there. It seems like such an odd place.

Also, new icon! I like it. Especially the one with O.J. Simpson.

I have eleven days left of my fifth semester of Basic Sciences. It is thrilling and nerve-wracking.
You know, I had so much to say, and now all I can think of is doing a bunch of questions.
I had better go do that.
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It's a bad thing right? Misogyny is bad.
However, I find that the main culprits of misogyny are usually women. We are critical bitches.
As a second-generation Indian, I can tell you about misogyny. It's rampant as fuck in Asia. ALL of Asia. Not just China, Japan, and the other oriental countries, but the parts that stretch out to the Mediterranean. The really funny thing is, women are mistreated more by women than by men. If you have ever seen a normal Arab married couple, the man is (9 times out of 10) henpecked half to death. There's this one Arab woman back home who scares the shit out of me and boy, does she dominate over her husband and their six boys (I think it's six. It might be five, I don't actually remember).
But anyway, in Asia, it's up to the women to raise the kids. The boys don't really actively hang out with their fathers until they're about 10 and have enough of a brain to not throw a tantrum in public. So basically their entire attitude towards the world is shaped solely by their mothers and their respective aunties (aunties refer not only to blood-related aunts, but also to any older female who's old enough to have kids your age). Since culture dictates that boys must eventually soldier off, either literally or just to some job to support a future family, they are not required to care for the house. That responsibility lies on the girls, who are trained from the moment they have enough balance to carry a cup of tea without spilling or breaking it.
There's a lovely example with a friend of mine. She's Pakistani (insert racist Pakistani jokes here) and she has four brothers, three older, one younger. All four of her brothers do nothing beyond school (and even then that's iffy) and insist on her cleaning for them or making them food when their mom isn't around. My friend's mother encourages her to do as her brothers say. As Americans, we call bullshit. Three of her brothers are reasonable; the second oldest is a little bitch and I want to beat the crap out of him. Without a doubt, he's a misogynist bastard.
When I went to India, it was surprising to see what leaders the women were in their families and yet how quickly they would bend to the whims of their husbands or sons (this does not work so much with brothers, at least not with my family). It kinda pissed me off and I think I roared through like a tornado and shook things up a bit. It probably reverted to normal a week after I left it.

So why the hell am I talking about this?
I have no fucking clue.
Probably because Twilight is the most anti-feminist bullshit I've ever seen (OH EDWAAAAAARD) and Sparkleboy's misogyny makes me want to stab him in the face with a diamond dagger (because he's made of diamooooond- WHERE'S EMMA FROST WHEN YOU NEED HER?!)

Take care all.

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